Studio Products aka Hard Copy

Metal Collage 2015I’m  so excited to offer these high quality products to my clients.  Part of the reason why I enjoy photography is because I so like the “hard copy”.  I like old photographs, in my hands, tangible, real and forever.

(click on the image within this post and a little album of images will display)llk_metalbox


Storage Boxes that will be laser engraved to your choosing:

Wood & Metal Box, both sides of the lid can be lasered, holds 100 5×7 images

Wooden Pine Box, I stained mine, holds 100 5×5 and a usb


in Metal or Masonite as a Collage

Printed with a double lustre finish which I can only describe as a pearl like finish.  You need to see this finish for it is Beautiful!  Compliments most any subject matter and is that truly happy place between gloss and matte. Best displayed with wine and laughter in the room.


8×8 Press Book

12×12 Deluxe Album

 You will receive a digital negative copy of your prints and they will print fine up to 8×10.  These will be presented to you via Disc or USB – Studio or Custom.  And on this storage device will be your video – because that’s part of the forever thing.

llk_USBvarietiesI will post images of the albums and the collage by the end of April.  Right now these items are on display at the Red Brick School House as part of the local photo clubs Spring Gallery Display


Please feel free to contact me with more information



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