Hi – I’m Lana Kirtley

I’m an Alberta girl – born and raised on a ranch just south of Stettler.  4-H and the family cattle operation were enough to keep me out of trouble as a kid. I enjoyed school because of the diversity of both the standard classes and options such as sewing and photography.  I participated in a number of sports as a kid and it seems that though speed might not of been my forte I made a decent block.  I’ll be straight up – my lateral movement was strong but my vertical was and still is pathetic, just saying!

I am learning to meditate but my thoughts “squirrel” even more often in quiet times then during any conversation.  My bedside reading is a mish-mash of financial, photography and health and wellness.

I thoroughly enjoy Baileys in my coffee on weekend mornings and seared medium rare steaks.

Photographing people is my subject matter of choice.

  • Families then it is tough to beat seeing (and hearing) the laughter between family members.
  • Little people are so darn real – I enjoy just letting them be.  I want them to remember that I’m the good gal.
  • Guys need not worry as I will I like “Malboro Man” poses (Gosh does that not show my age!)
  • I respect the process that evolves as a woman becomes comfortable with the camera and finding her inner Super Model.

Beauty is in the eyes!

I am part computer geek and part old fashioned.  I enjoy reading and sharing via the multitude of social media options And I love watching my son talk about the pictures in our home.  The simple scrapbook of when he was little, the goofy images of him and I.  I cherish the images I possess of my parents, grandparents and my family both immediate and extended.  The memories that are stirred to life, the senses that are awakened by pictures on walls and touched in albums.  What greater wealth is there for our children to inherit than love and the sense of belonging.

Ah the Real McCoy.